Our Activities

Social Development

Formation of groups and client mobilization for credit and other social development activities.

Financial Assistance for Women

Providing loans to the rural and urban poor women for their small/micro enterprises development and Income generation activities.

Environmental Activities

Environmental activities such as tree saplings, water, sanitation and hygiene practices to vulnerable women and their families.

Skill Based Training

To provide technical training and assistance to members through entrepreneurial skill development programme.

Our Programmes

Sustaining communities through Market linkage and Entrepreneurial Skill Development Program Market linkage and entrepreneurial skill development is one of the major thrust areas where women can attain economic empowerment. Given its importance, VMCSF has extensively developed a program which would address the women and their economic activity. Over 33 trainings programs have been conducted and provided market linkage and entrepreneurial skill were sensitized.

VMCSF identified potential women who involved in small and medium scale entrepreneurship to promote their business activity. Most of VM members are situated in rural areas where rural areas do not have much exposure about agri and non- agri products pricing and linkage of markets on product wise. Thus this market linkage program helps these targeted women to have pricing on products and linking local markets to producers who many times neglected and exploited by middle men.

Entrepreneurship is one of the sustainable ways to support member livelihood activities to provide proper guidance to member for their development. VMCSF found that empowering women needs special attention in supporting their economic initiatives to come out from the disadvantaged position.