Our Strategy

Grameen model has been adapted by VMCSF- MICRO CREDIT as it proved conductive to the local condition in India’s-MICRO CREDIT has been successfully carrying collateral free credit to the poor women who have been grouped into centres of 20 to 25 it’s like clients. These Small groups are later federated into branches.

VISION MICRO CREDIT AND SOCIAL FOUNDATION-MICRO CREDIT follow weekly collection / Monthly collection from its clients and maintained 100% repayment rate which is instituted by peer group pressure by the same group members.

Centre Meetings

Centre meeting is a systematic approach in VMCSF to meet all client by friendly approach with value each and every clients to bring unity and solidarity. This centre level meeting consist of 20-25 members to institute human values and promote financial inclusive programs. All meetings focus on any of the social issues and awareness which will be useful and helpful to the members.


VMCSF takes immense and incomparable concern to monitor that help really reaches the poorest of poor women in the age group of 18-58 years. For the successfully implementation of the above stated target, VMCSF employees Housing Index as a powerful icon to identify the poor who are in direct need of credit based on the type of condition of their house. Apart from using Housing Index, VMCSF also adhere to the policy of targeting clients who earn less than 500 per day.


Income Generating Loan (IGL)

To facilitate the financial enlistment of women VMCSF provides collateral free loans of small amounts to women entrepreneurs belonging to poor families with the aim to full fill their needs for working capital and for initial investment. The loans are disbursed to women federated in groups of 5members with the other four members acting as guarantor for the member availing the loan. Repayments for the loan are made in weekly centre meetings facilitated by the field managers of VMCSF.

Seasonal Loan

Added to General loan, VMCSF also Offer seasonal loan product at the time of festivals and school admission when the members are in dire need of money. The focus Group Discussion and limit satisfaction surveys which were conducted as part of the Practitioner Learning Programme (PLP) manifested that the members of VMCSF approach the local money lenders during festivals like Diwali Christmas Pongal etc. The time of admission and readmission of their works in schools.VMCSF introduced the seasonal loan products to satisfy their consumption needs after such findings.

Seasonal loan is catered to the members who had a regular and prompt repayment history and attendance in centre meetings.

Agri Allied Loan

VMCSF believe in rural empowerment. Which is why, our Agri & Allied Business Loans are provide to members and rural entrepreneurs with micro finance for various agriculture and allied activities including dairy development, food processing, horticulture, and other rural enterprise segments. These loans are specially made to suit members needs. VMCSF providing member with flexible weekly repayment options for them to repay the loan amount easily.

Business loan / Micro Enterprises

This loan will be given to the individual who had a regular and prompt repayment history over 1 year. The loans are for working capital intensive businesses. The loans amount range from Rs.20000 to 50000 with different repayment periods. It is decided to provide such loans after proper assessment, evaluation and appraisal of the member application form. This loan will be introduced in the future to senior most small and medium entrepreneurs.

VMCSF is always of the exposed belief that women are the productive and instrument members of family as a social institution. The member revealed the need of risk mitigation products like insurance and old age income security products to protect their family from the uncertainties of the future. Having this embedded in mind, VMCSF began offering the Life Insurance Products at affordable price to safeguard their lives after an immediate shock.

Our Objectives Our Activities

Human Resource


VMCSF shines due to the untiring and dedicated efforts of its crusaders and crew members. The strategic level decisions are taken by the Board of Director.

The tactical level in VMCSF has been developed and strengthens over the years, by framing a second-line of staff that gracefully assists the Core Management Team in regular Operations. The tactical level performs the important function of linking the strategic level personnel with the field-level operations.

Training Development & Exposures

The staff recruit from outside are warmly received and the in house training team of VMCSF congenially ensures that the recruited staff understand imbibe and cherish the legendary values and culture of VMCSF trust. Before being posed staff recurred for branch level operations are given three-day training at the VMCSF community.

Recruitment Process

VMCSF lays great emphasis on the development of the human resources. This is made explicit in the laudable achievements of the organization over the year's one of the prominent force behind these achievements being the dedicated sacred and endlessly hardworking staff team of VMCSF.

The staff member at the branch level is selected through advertisements placed in local newspapers as well as through references from exciting staff. Preliminarily the candidates are screened for their aptitude self-esteem and intention for social work through a written task. The selected candidates are sent for a filed visit to enable to take an informed decision and appointed on a training-cum-probation basis for three months. The appointment of the Candidate’s is confirmed based the branch after an interview with the manager Human Resource.VMCSF is a unique organization which encourages women for the all positions, particularly for the branch level jobs since women can understand and empathize with the members of VMCSF,who are women from poor families.

Head office level recruitments are made through advertisements as well as through campus requirements conducted in professional colleges with and outside TamilNadu.Professionals were also recruited for software development and for the Internal Audit and Monitoring Department.

Internal Audit

To pave way for effectives functioning VMCSF has appointed qualified to do the audit check of the loan pass books software and accounting system at the branches. The internal audit team usually performs 1 financial audit a year apart from 4 surprise visits to every branch and to the field. The team also exercised a mass data validation check covering 2 branches regularly.

Branch Review Meeting

Branch Review Meetings are conducted during the first week of every month for the branches at its divisional Manager. The objective of the branch Review meeting is to evaluate the monthly branch performance against projections execution of polices fund requirement and staff welfare ect.The BRM serves as useful platform for the staff to present their performance of the month and for strategizing for the future operations. The meeting provide an opportunity for the branch staff to freely share their ideas which favour healthy development of the organisation This interaction among the staff member help the core management team in identifying the potent staff and in getting information from the staff regarding the challenges faced by them, their training in the competitors in their area and their strategies, etc.

Portfolio Statement Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Members 9,00 2,000 3,900 8,500
Branches 2 3 6 8
Loan Outstanding 1 Cr 3 Cr 7 Cr 13 Cr
Our Objectives Our Activities